Leaflet Delivery: Beating Food Ordering Application Fees

Food ordering applications are impacting restaurants and consumers negatively. That was until leaflet delivery services. Read this post to see why.

Online delivery apps have gained immense popularity in the food and restaurant industry because of their convenience. However, this convenience has come at a cost.

As these applications become more dominant in the industry, restaurants are making less profit, and consumers are paying more.

The problems that have arisen are covered up from the short-term gain, but it isn’t looking good in the long run.

For this reason, we strongly advise all local businesses to consider leaflet delivery in their marketing strategies before partnering with these platforms. To learn why, see below:

What are the current problems with food ordering applications? 

At first sight, food ordering applications like UberEATS and DoorDash seemed beneficial for restaurants. However, with time, the true light of these platforms has shined.

Despite seeming convenient for all restaurants, delivery personnel, and consumers, it’s much different than many thought.

To better visualise this, here are the primary problems with food ordering applications:

  • Payment – As a restaurant, you must abide by the platform’s payment terms before partnering with them. However, these are never instant. Instead, you might have to wait weeks until you receive payment for an order.
  • Commission – To gain access to their customer base, they expect a cut of the total order value. Although this can change from platform to platform, let’s use UberEATS as an example. This platform charges anywhere between 6% to 30%, depending on the order type.
  • Total product cost – Due to these extra costs, the average restaurant on these apps have increased their prices by 23% and some even as high as 44%.

These applications aren’t only affecting restaurants; they’re also impacting the consumer.

But not all hope is lost; there’s a solution. Restaurants worldwide are migrating from these platforms and moving customers to their own payment sources.

However, how do you gain massive attention without pouring thousands into social media advertising? Well, that’s simple; leaflet printing and distribution.

How can leaflet distribution solve these problems? 

Leaflet delivery was here before online food ordering apps, and it will revitalise the industry.

With this marketing method, you can take customers away from these platforms and redirect them to a website or telephone.

By doing this, you cut the commission cost, increasing potential profits by 30% and have the ability to enhance customer relationships.

The benefits of leaflet printing and distribution are astronomical for restaurants. Let me discuss this further:

  • Affordability – For £35, you can get 1,000 leaflets delivered in multiple locations around Wales, such as Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea. Oh, and did we mention that this is all commission-free? Therefore, it could potentially save you thousands monthly.
  • Better cash flow – After redirecting customers to your website or telephone number for orders, you receive the payment as soon as the gateway allows users. This increases cash flow, allowing you to put revenue to work.
  • Target audience – If you own a local restaurant or takeaway shop in Wales, leaflet distribution is the perfect opportunity to target a local audience.

Leaflet delivery is a marketing strategy built for local business owners looking for affordable and rewarding exposure.

At LDP Services, we offer affordable leaflet printing and distribution, so we can keep our high streets alive. To learn more about how LDP Services can help, contact a helpful representative today.