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Are you looking for a cost effective leaflet distribution service? LDP Services, based in Cardiff are leading experts and professionals in helping you to reach your goals. Get your free quote today.

Meet Lee Canning – Managing Director

The idea of running a leaflet delivery company came to me in 2010 when I was delivering leaflets for a political Party, I had an office job and really enjoyed being outdoors, so in 2011 I resigned from my role and set up LDP Services. From the first three years I was out with the team delivering leaflets on a day-to-day basis. not everyday was easy but it did give me an insight to what to expect from the team and and what is achievable in each area we deliver to.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears we now deliver on behalf of over 1,000 customers these range from local estate agents and takeaways through to multi-nationals such as the Marriott, Ford and the BBC. I’ve also taken business to next level, training and developing a team of individuals willing to do the same; deliver leaflets effectively, efficiently with Pride and Passion for excellent customer service.

My management style is robust demanding the best out of people by leading by example. Our job at LDP Services is to job your business into the public eye, delivering results for you. My management style might not be the cuddly one but as most business owners appreciate business is business and if a member of the team is not representing the team they way they should then sometimes they need to be replaced.

I view my success in delivering for your business will help your success

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    LDP Services

    LDP Services is a leaflet delivery company based in the Cardiff that covers the whole South Wales area.. We were the first company to introduce GPS tracking and set the standard in the delivery field since we established.

    We have numerous years experience within the leaflet delivery service sector, whatever industry you’re in, we believe we have the best leaflet/brochure distribution package for you. We want you and your business to grow in the right way, with the right customer base by delivering to your desired area with your leaflets when you want. With expert knowledge in the leaflet distribution sector, live GPS tracking, spot checks on deliveries and a physical site for you to visit we think we offer unbeatable value.

    Our Clients Include


    Have used this company for over 10 delivery campaigns and found the service excellent and the price reasonable. They have always delivered within a good time frame. I would definitely recommend

    Lee Gonzalez

    So pleased with the delivery. I had included a survey and had so many back that I’ve never seen such a great response. Am absolutely delighted.

    Lyn Hudson

    I’ve used other delivery companies locally. Some were a few £ cheaper but I never received any response.
    I’ve started using LDP Services and this week alone I’ve had 7 enquiries. I guess spending only a couple of £’s extra really pays off.

    Josh T