Professional Leaflet Delivery Vs Social Media Advertising

Are you debating whether to invest resources into leaflet delivery or social media advertising? In this post, we compare them to make the decision easier.

A common debate is whether to use a leaflet delivery service or advertise on social media, which seems like an odd comparison for many. However, it’s much different than you might think.

From offering leaflet printing and distribution services, we’ve seen many brands surprised with the outcomes. To find out which you should consider investing into, read the following comparison guide:

Leaflet distribution is excellent for many brands, but it’s also subjective and often industry-dependent, like other advertising methods. But how does this compare to social media?

Below we’ll be detailing each of these advertising methods based on three essential factors, targeting, cost-effectiveness, and measurability; here’s what you need to know:


Regardless of the marketing tactic, targeting plays a critical role. When comparing the two advertising methods, many assume that social media wins.

Although both are excellent, leaflet distribution is much more laser-targeted. With social media marketing, you can encounter bots and are limited to targeting options when choosing the organic route.

However, when performing a leaflet distribution campaign, you are guaranteed real people, locations, and demographics, all for a limited price.

For this reason, 42% of companies in a recent report from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), mentioned that flyer campaigns are an essential part of their overall marketing strategy.


Including the above, cost-effectiveness is vital in a marketing campaign. When comparing these advertising tactics, there are many factors you’ll want to consider, such as:

  • Social media – Organic or paid, platform, and current following
  • Leaflet delivery – Print quality and order amount

However, let’s compare the cost-effectiveness of paid social media and leaflet printing with delivery.

Currently, across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, the average cost-per-click is $2.48 (£1.96), excluding testing, optimisation, etc.

In contrast, our leaflet distribution services will deliver 1,000 flyers for £35 in Wales (CardiffSwansea, and Newport), around 0.03p per household.

When comparing each marketing method with cost-effectiveness, leaflet delivery is superior. Set up the campaign correctly and in the right location; the return on investment could be excellent.


The last element we want to consider is measurability. With paid advertising, you can set up pixels, which will track users’ behaviour if they click the advertisement. However, with organic social media advertising, it isn’t possible.

Comparing the measurability of organic social media marketing, flyer delivery is much better. For instance, placing a discount code or special link to an offer will allow you to track users’ behaviour and measure the campaign’s success; improving optimisation, cost-effectiveness, and results further.


After reading the above, you should understand what advantages leaflet delivery services can provide over social media advertising. Without question, it’s surprising to many and undeniably something all brands should utilise in their marketing campaigns.

If you’re searching for leaflet services in Wales for cities like Cardiff, Newport, or Swansea, don’t hesitate to contact a helpful representative at IDP Services today.