Top tips in leaflet design

Leaflet Distribution – Top Tips

So you have a fantastic product or service to offer that has great unique selling points. You have a professional and efficient leaflet delivery service…but your enquiries/sales aren’t the amount you envisaged. Have you asked yourself is your leaflet design the best it can be?

Leaflet design isn’t just about a bold striking design that intrigues. Of course, a bold design may initially attract your potential buyer to pick up the leaflet, but then very quickly, your potential buyer needs to be able to assess what is that your leaflet is about. Your leaflet design should therefore make clear the product or service you are offering, engage with the appropriate audience for the product/service you are selling, demonstrate the quality of your business, and be informative yet simple.

Giving the right impression

Giving the right impression of your business on a leaflet is hugely important. Take the following example, okay so it maybe an over the top example but at some point in our lives, I think we have all had a leaflet through our door that isn’t too far from this example!

poor leaflet design example

What do you conclude from this ‘leaflet’?

  • Do you think the company is professional?
  • Are they are a sizeable company or a small one?
  • Is the company well established in the area or are they just starting out?
  • Do they deliver a high quality service?
  • Do they invest in their products & services?
  • The leaflet says ‘reliable’. Do you think the company would be reliable?

Ultimately, the question is, would you buy from this company?

The leaflet may be the first introduction of your company to a potential client, if they have never heard of you, all the questions above are probably running, subconsciously atleast, in their mind when viewing your leaflet design. And that’s if they pick it up to read it. The good thing is, by following some fundamental principles, you can help ensure that your leaflet gets picked up and gives the right impression of your company.

The fundamental principles of leaflet design

Purpose – Understand your purpose of your leaflet and stick to it when having your leaflet designed. Is it that you are a new business and you are introducing it to the local community? Or are you advertising a particular offer? Ensuring you keep the purpose in the mind during the design process will help you to end up with a leaflet design that will be fit for purpose.

Get your message across – Your leaflet needs to deliver your message quickly & clearly. Keep paragraphs short, and use bullet points and short statements to get your message across.

Audience – Knowing who your audience is is hugely important. To explain this simply, a leaflet design targeting the over 50s would be very differently designed to a leaflet that is targeting college students.

Incentivise – At the end of the day a leaflet is distributed to generate extra income for your business. Offering an incentive gives potential customers a reason to get in touch and buy from you, this helping you making a return on your investment.

Spelling – Do not overlook the impact of a spelling mistake. A spelling mistake can give the impression that care is not taken, thus concluding that the quality offered by the business is not high. It is therefore imperative to check on all spelling before having any leaflets printed.

The leaflet should match your business – If you had leaflets that were very simple and printed on thin and cheap paper, but your business offered bold luxurious products, then how would your clients be able to tell this from your leaflets? On the other hand, if you are run a charity, you may opt for cheaper, plain leaflets so that people don’t think you’ve spent a lot of money on them.

A measurable call to action – Not only do your potential clients need to be able to contact your business with the details provided on the leaflet, but being to measure the response from your leaflets is also key in understanding how effective your leaflet design is. Such methods to do this involve having a different promotional code per leaflet to monitor it’s performance.

How LDP Services can help you

Our leaflet delivery service is tailored to your marketing needs. It is cost effective, leaflets are delivered to your targeted audience, and we offer a solo or mixed delivery. We also have strong links with design & print services, ensuring you get the best deals from the best companies around.

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