Award-Winning Service – Accountability

Offering award-winning services is how our company thrives. Recently, our efforts got recognised with two prestigious awards. To find out more, read this post.

At LDP Services, 2022 was a fantastic year. Throughout this time, we focused on adapting and optimising our services. We obtained two prestigious awards by maintaining this eagerness to improve in 2022 and the prior years.

By offering award-winning leaflet printing and distribution services, we sparked the interest of the public and two significant online publications: CorporateLiveWire and SME News. These organisations are known to recognise companies that offer innovative, exceptional, and industry-changing services.

We were delighted to discover that we were acknowledged for our efforts by each publication, granting our business the following awards:

Transport Awards 2022 

SME News hosts the Transport Awards in the UK. This aims to reveal and recognise the businesses that have engaged in the transport industry and made a difference.

In the Transport Awards 2022, we won “Best Leaflet Delivery Company”. Winning this award was heart-warming, knowing our team has been appreciated for their hard-working efforts over the years of establishment.

Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022 

The next event was called the Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022, which CorporateLiveWire arranged. The yearly award helps celebrate the success and achievements of firms (or individuals) that have taken an innovative approach to showcasing exceptional business performance.

In 2022, the award presented by CorporateLiveWire to our company was “Best Leaflet Delivery Service of the Year”. Again, another tremendous success for our team, who works hard towards making this happen.

How did we achieve this? 

Winning awards is excellent. It shows that we’re a reputable company and how our team operates to seek improvement.

Every year we make changes, enabling us to adapt to the current market and provide exceptional leaflet distribution and printing services. Achieving this level of awards in the United Kingdom took a lot of reviewing, optimising, and careful implementation.

Undoubtedly, we achieved this by following our company culture, by focusing on the following elements:

  • Accountability – Right or wrong, accountability is necessary for success. By holding ourselves accountable for our actions, we can realistically review our operations and make changes to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Complete transparency – A seamless and transparent relationship with our customers also played a crucial role. With this marketing strategy, results drive satisfaction. Therefore, we’re honest about how customers can improve their performance by producing high-quality leaflets.
  • Unique marketing guidance – With our years of experience, offering bespoke marketing guidance with our leaflet delivery services in Wales is possible. Because of this, we can help customers achieve more from their marketing campaigns.

By following these three pillars, we were able to achieve these awards. Undoubtedly, we will continue this. So, you can expect to see us collect more awards in the future.


With our team working tirelessly to improve our clients’ leaflet distribution and printing services, we achieved two prestigious awards: “Best Leaflet Delivery Company” and “Best Leaflet Delivery Service of the Year”. Being acknowledged for our efforts is tremendous, and our team rightfully deserves it.

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