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Client Reviews

What do people think of LDP Services and why do they use us to deliver their leaflets?

Read on to find out.

I have used LDP services for important deliveries over the past two years and am very satisfied with their work. The tracking reports give a great amount of detail on the deliveries, letting you know with confidence that your leaflets have reached their target. I would certainly use them again.

Ross England

22nd February 2017

Always a great service, leaflets go out where we want them and at the time specified

Callie Jones

21st February 2017

They were great, I would well recommend them

Mike Davies

28th February 2015

We have always been reluctant to use a leaflet distributing company through fear of not knowing whether our leaflets actually got delivered.

We spoke to LDP about our concerns and Lee quickly reassured us that they used tracking and their employees were monitored to provide the required service. Lee also discussed our needs and we have been very happy with the service and will be using LDP again.

Rachel Rowe

Cardiff - 17th September 2013

I have been using Lee for over a year now and have had great response from the leaflets he has delivered for me. I have used other companies in the past and not been very impressed but Lee on the other hand is very reliable and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend using this company.

Gareth Davies

30 Jul 2012, Ultra Clean

Have used this company for over 10 delivery campaigns and found the service excellent and the price reasonable. They have always delivered within a good time frame. I would definitely recommend

Lee Gonzalez

21st February 2017

So pleased with the delivery. I had included a survey and had so many back that I’ve never seen such a great response. Am absolutely delighted.

Lyn Hudson

22nd February 2017

Great service,very pleased

Paula Paulaline

16th July 2015

Lee has been very professional and reliable and we intend to use them again in the future.

Many Thanks for all your help.

Laura Northover

29th April 2013

We had a fantastic experience with Lee and his team. They were on time and covered a large area for us quickly, we have had good feedback from members of the community already! The weather was awful which did delay things a little but they still continued with a smile, we are really pleased!

Gemma Hicks

Cardiff - 26 Jul 2012

Having used LDP Services as our official distributor for the Grapevine quarterly newsletter for Caerau/ Ely and surrounding districts for the past year. I would like to congratulate them on their very prompt efficient and suuccesful service. We are hoping to be their partner for the Distribution for our longterm future. Thank you Lee and team.

Christopher Poole

21st February 2017

Lee and his team have always given a great service. I have used LDP and had good results. Thank you

Adil Malik Akhtar

21st February 2017

Great service. Will use again.

Rhys King

17th August 2014

Lee is very professional and extremely helpful. He has helped increase my client base greatly. I have only used the company once but will most certainly be using them again. Lee was friendly, helpful and trustworthy. A big thumbs up from me. Siwan from serenyoga.

Siwan Morris

23 Apr 2013, Serenyoga

Lee is punctual, reliable, hard working and he provides a comprehensive breakdown of the work he has done. We thoroughly recommend him to other businesses.


Cardiff - 2 Apr 2012

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